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Excited revolutionized Batteryless Vehicle Jump Starter:
No Lithium-ion battery
No pre-charge and maintenance
No fire and explosion
10 seconds to start your vehicle
Extended life time

Contact us:
Mr. Richard Johnson: richard.johnson@powerstarter.net
Mr. Adam deCosta: adam.deCosta@powerstarter.net


About this project

Design Purpose
Batteryless Car Jump Starter is the first power device used on car without any battery,
We started to get the idea and designed it since Jan, 2015. Why did we design this product?
It has many cool and useful features that can greatly help people to start the cars.
With this batteryless car jump starter, you don’t need to worry about if the car doesn’t start
or lithium-ion battery’s charging problem,
keep one piece in your car and everyting can be comvience.





Cool Features on our Batteryless Car Jump Starter

Working in -40 degree temperature


Working in +70 degree temperature


New Technology on our design

Batteryless Car Jump Starter uses a new type of energy storage material, combined with internal smart charging circuit.
Its unique patented technology solves the puzzle of charging.
It depends on activated the less remaining charges on the car’s own battery and takes only a few seconds to start the car.
No short-circuit and the power can be displayed on the smart led display on our starter.
The reactivating of physical method avoids explosion or fire caused by the chemical reaction of battery.
Power jump starter make user more ease, more comfortable.

PCBA Design:

Module Design:




Jump Starter Characteristics

Item Name

Batteryless Car Jump Starter

Model No.


Maximum Starting Voltage


Rated Starting Voltage


Maximum Starting Current


Operating/Storage Temperature

-40~ +80

Dimensions (L*W*H)

10.7 * 4.4 * 1.65Inch




Both gasoline and gas-power engines of up to 6-liter swept volume
3-liter diesel engines mounted on the cars, trucks, powerboats and motocycles.





Product Development

Hardware is expensive to create with a small team and limited funds. That is also one of the reasons why we need your help. It is our duty to be transparent on how we will spend the funds from our supporters. Here are the costs that might be covered.

It was really hard getting here. However, with our passion and desire of making Betteryless Car Jump Starter real, we finally got a satisfying experiment result. And now, we need your help to put us forward and make Betteryless Car Jump Starter to be a real mass producing device.

Now the prototype has been finished making and testing,we are going to prepare the samples to the adopters since Oct,2016! It is an exciting news!After long time developing and testing,we are very happy to get here and expect to share our design to every one! We will still keep on looking for cheaper,lighter design on the third version product.New technology will make our life beautiful,that’s our purpose,to make our life more easy,convience and happy.

Our R&D team is comprised of talented experts, engineers, and designers with enthusiasm for developing innovative products. To overcome all of the encountered challenges our team spent nearly a year. No matter how far Betteryless Car Jump Starter will go, we expect it can bedenif everybody,every family and bring you convience during busy life. Thank you all!

Want to get more information about our company and us? Please see our company website.
You will find more product information there.

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At last, we must say a “thank you” for taking your time and know about Betteryless Car Jump Starter; we can't wait to bring you this fantastic and practical device.

Risks and challenges

We cannot wait to share our product with you. We believe that our product-Betteryless Car Jump Starter will be benefit to everyone and family. Of course, we will consider that the most important thing is to ensure timely delivery of Betteryless Car Jump Starter to our backers.We are working on it and will achieve our target.

It is our duty to inform you about any accidents that might postpone the shipping of your order. In case this happens we will have to ask you to be patient until your Betteryless Car Jump Starter arrives. We will fix the shipping problem as soon as possible. Moreover, we will keep full efforts on improving our product, and, of course, you will get updated information on our official website and kickstarter’s page.

Please keep on supporting us! Thank you All!

Betteryless Car Jump Starter Team @ Power Starter